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Advisory Board

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The Markaz Advisory Board serves to promote and support the work of the center. This includes fundraising, advocacy for needed student services, and advising on the overall direction of the Markaz. The board is composed of undergraduate and graduate students, staff, alumni and faculty.


  • Salahodeen Abdul-Kafi, '12, MS '17
  • Samra Adeni, '14
  • Anum Afzal, '10, MA '13
  • Subhan Ali, MS '09, PhD '14
  • Imran Maskatia, '97, MS '98


  • Alexander Key, Assistant Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature
  • Shirin Sinnar, Assistant Professor of Law (temporarily inactive)


  • Natalie Jabbar, '09, MA '10, Senior Writer and Content Manager for the School of Humanities & Sciences at Stanford
  • Rania Sanford, Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Programs, Faculty Development and Diversity


  • Abdallah AbuHashem, '19