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Spiritual Services & Resources for the Muslim Community


Musallah: Located on the third floor of main Old Union Building, the musallahis a place where prayer can be performed throughout the day. The door code is accessible by contacting the Muslim Student Union (MSU).

Wudu Area : There are wudurooms for women and men to perform ritural ablutions near the musallah. When you exit the Old Union elevator, you’ll find them to the left, next to the large multi-faith Sanctuary room where Jumu’ahis held.

Spiritual Literature : Numerous religious books (fiqh,tafseer,hadeeth)as well as the Qu’rancan be found in the musallahfor community use. Books may be taken from the space but should be returned in a timely manner.


Jumu’ah: The Friday prayer is the largest weekly gathering for the entire Muslim community. The prayer takes place in the Sanctuary Room on the third floor of Old Union every Friday at 1:15 PM and is led by MSU. All are welcome to come as they are.

Khutbah: This weekly sermon is a brief reminder and reflection about personal or community development delivered before the prayer or salah. The khutbahis written and delivered either by a student or local community member who expresses interest. MSU organizers encourage both men and women to consider writing khutbahso that the community may benefit from everyone's input and spiritual insight.

For those with scheduling conflicts an alternatejumu’ahprayeris held at 12:15 PM in the same location.


Ramadan at Stanford is a community-wide effort and something we look forward to every year! During the month, MSU organizes nightly taraweehservices and regular iftardinners for the community. The support of individual students and the generosity of many donors and sponsors help transform this month-long holiday into a special Stanford Muslim tradition. 

  • For more information about community events, suhoor boxes, nightly iftars and taraweeh, visit MSU's Ramadan Page. 


On Campus : All beef and chicken served in the dining halls is now halal! However, the cafes on campus are not, so be sure to ask the staff for specific halaloptions.

Off Campus : There are many great restaurants that serve halalfood near Stanford. Use Zabihah, the largest guide to halal restaurants & markets, to find something tasty!


Connect with the Muslim Student Union (MSU)! The mission of MSU is to foster a spiritually nurturing, tolerant, and inclusive Muslim community at Stanford, promoting the spiritual growth of all Muslim students, faculty, and staff at Stanford. Visit their website to learn more.