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Program Coordinator

Areeba Kaukab

As a former teacher with a background in research and intercultural communication, Areeba strives to create spaces of equity for students. In tandem with her professional background, her religious background impacts her work significantly and allows her to navigate spaces and lead in a culturally relevant manner. Working in education has expanded her skills in equity-based pedagogy and her ability to recognize biased systems within institutions. She cares deeply about working with people of color in different spaces to expand her knowledge of the world.

Areeba has worked closely with organizations like Leadership For Educational Equity (LEE), Teach for America (TFA), and Daya to aid with their mission of achieving equity for people of color and advance her passion for policy and advocacy in local communities. Her work with TFA highlights her passion for education inequity and working in diverse spaces. Her LEE fellowship at Texas Southern University, which researched the school to prison pipeline system, broadened her knowledge on the disciplinary system in secondary education as well as the inner workings of a college campus. At Daya Houston, Areeba expanded her fervor to work with communities close to her heart while advocating for victims of domestic violence in the greater Houston area. She hopes to take all that she has learned in her career to create equity based spaces that celebrate diversity. In her free time Areeba likes to explore her surroundings and dive into local food spots and any concerts happening in the area. She likes to read and is currently trying to read a book a week and is on book 31 of the year!