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Telling Our Stories Manager

Zarif Ahsan

Zarif Ahsan is a junior from Chandler, AZ, studying Mathematics. Joining Markaz staff his freshman year as a Frosh Intern, he has grown to love the warm and inviting atmosphere of Afternoon Chai, weekly check-ins with directors Abiya and Cassie, and the ideal midday nap spot which is the lobby couch. His favorite places include bookstores, coffee shops, and small concert venues; you can ask him about Wuthering Heights, iced oat lattes, and post-punk music. Beyond the Markaz, he spends most of his time on campus in CoHo and his co-op Synergy. As Telling Our Stories Manager this year, he is excited to launch the Markazine—a magazine celebrating ten years of the center, which has been over a year in the making.