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Women painting and crafting.

The Markaz-zine

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Celebrating ten years of the Markaz, Telling Our Stories is happy to announce–in full force–the launch of the Markaz-zine! 

The Markaz Magazine (Markaz-zine, for short) seeks to celebrate 10 years of the Markaz by examining the community it houses and how it has changed over time. The magazine will be a retrospective look into what our community has meant to students on campus, using the insights of former members to examine its plasticity and importance. In mode of previous telling our stories projects, the Markaz-zine will also highlight individual voices in the community, attempting to piece together what it means to the very people who define it.

Read on for more information on how to submit your art and writing to be featured in the magazine, including a contest to be featured as cover art for the magazine. We can’t wait to see your work!

Cover Art Contest

Submit cover art for the Markaz-zine! Taking its influence from Telling Our Stories projects past, this year's Markaz-zine will explore what a mosaic means for our community. Share your take on a mosaic–abstractly, symbolically, or otherwise–and its relation to the broader Muslim community at Stanford, in a contest to be featured as cover art for our magazine! 

The winner of the cover art contest will receive $200 in compensation. Art not chosen for the cover will also be considered for the Community Art section of the magazine, with artist consent. See the submission guidelines section for more details about submission.

Community Art: Space, Place, and Identity

Submit your art to the Markaz-zine! Communities are mosaics in which individuals situate themselves: while we can recognize a particular person, their nature and expression are shaped by the people they surround themselves with and previous communities they have been a part of. Where do you situate yourself–culturally, historically, or otherwise? We are looking for pieces that explore the nature of identity and its relation to surroundings, whether it assumes the form of social roles, family, physical location, or cultural spaces. Submissions may assume any visual form, including writing, painting, and photography. 

Works chosen for the Markaz-zine will receive $75 in compensation. See the submission guidelines section for more details about submitting your work. If you have any questions, please email Telling Our Stories Manager Zarif Ahsan at

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be accompanied by a title and a short one paragraph artist statement describing the work, its meaning to you, and its relation to the prompt. Submissions can be made anonymous with request. 

  • Paintings and drawings must be submitted in photograph form, via a high resolution photo with minimal background. 
  • Sculpture, textiles, or other crafts must also be submitted via images; if you need a background or would like to take a photo of your work in the Markaz, please reach out.
  • Writing must occupy no more than half a page single-spaced or a page double-spaced. Longer pieces may be considered, but please reach out for prior approval. If you have any concerns regarding the formatting of the submission, please include them as notes following your artist statement.  

All submissions must be emailed to The deadline for submissions will now be April 2nd at 11:59 pm. If you have any questions, feel free to email as well!