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Mosaic Podcast

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Mosaic is a storytelling platform for Stanford University's Markaz community, an immense diversity of people who are all connected to the broader Muslim world. Every year, we will explore a different theme to engage a variety of student voices and perspectives. All episodes are available on Spotify and SoundCloud, and are archived on the Mosaic website.

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  • Season 3 (2021-2022) | The Sound of Home: How does music connect us with a sense of home? How does it become an integral part of our experiences and identity?
    • Episode 1: Sameeha Khan - Sameeha, '25 recounts her Desi wedding DJ days, reflects on Sufi music and how it relates to God and gender, and shares a hot take on the lo-fi craze.
    • Episode 2: Zarif Ahsan - Zarif '25 tells us why we should all be obsessed with Erykah Badu and how music shapes his mental health.
    • Episode 3: Layal Kazerooni  - Layal '25 tells us about cruising, moving across the world from Bahrain and why we should all be listening to Afrobeats.
    • Episode 4: Ronnie Hafez - Ronnie '25 tells us about what music gets him dancing in the parking lot, his dabke Levantine dance team and attending Olivia Rodrigo's movie premiere.
  • Season 2 (2020-2021) | Heart 2 Heart: What are the relationships that make up our community? How have these relationships become all the more needed despite (or because of) calamity and crisis? Where might we find silver linings in a disrupted world?
    • Episode 1: Hamza & Yusuf - After an unexpected return home in the Spring brothers, Hamza, '20 and Yusuf, '23 reflect on their respective experiences in quarantine.
    • Episode 2: Heidi & Haniyah - Haniyah, '22 and her mentor Heidi, discuss the election and justice movements, strategies for sustainability, and how to deal with problematic family members.
    • Episode 3: Lara & Mahmoud - First year students Lara and Mahmoud, '24 weren't sure what a remote Fall Quarter would be like. They share how they met, became friends, and built a Stanford community, completely online!
  • Season 1 (2019-2020) | Breaking Bread: How do we express identity through food? What sorts of dishes define our cultures, personal narratives, and transformative futures?