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Welcome Class of 2026 and Transfers

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As-salamu alaikum and welcome to Stanford from the Markaz Resource Center!

The Markaz is a community center that supports students who identify with or are interested in Muslim experiences both here and around the world. As a part of our mission, Markaz staff is here to help you navigate New Student Orientation. We have compiled a list of community-specific resources and events for you on this webpage to help you get settled.

Welcome letter from the Markaz Directors!

Meet the Markaz (Wednesday, September 21 from 1:30-3:00 pm) in Old Union Courtyard: The Markaz supports a vibrant community of students who identify with or are interested in Muslim experiences both here and around the world. Come meet our students and staff, learn about our programs, find out how you can get involved this year, and join our Markaz family. We will have treats, Markaz swag, and a vibrant community waiting to meet you!

Markaz Mingle (Friday, September 23 from 2:00-3:00 pm) at The Claw: The Markaz, student-led organizations, and our university partners work together to support the interests and identities of our community. Join us to learn about Markaz affiliated VSOs, service oriented opportunities, and professional networks to jump start your Stanford experience. Unwind at the heart of campus with friends and mentors eager to introduce you to the wealth of our Stanford bubble.

Muslim Life at Stanford: A Student Resource Guide (2021-2022 edition)

Do you have questions about Muslim life at Stanford? We’ve prepared a resource guide for students interested in learning more. In the guide, you’ll find religious resources and information about the Markaz, the Muslim Student Union, and the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies at Stanford. Download the Muslim Resource Guide.


 Frosh Programs: What you can expect this year

Every year, the Markaz organizes a variety of events and opportunities for first-year students. The Markaz Frosh Intern Program is an opportunity for first-year students to actively engage in community building, advocacy and allyship at the Markaz. Interns learn about the center’s mission while working with Markaz staff to organize programming and resources.