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What is Maristan?

Maristan is a Muslim mental health and Islamic psychology clinic and organization based out of the Bay Area, led by Stanford Clinical Associate Professor, Dr. Rania Awaad, M.D. The MMHI therapy services offered are a result of Stanford Vice Provost of Student Affairs (VPSA) partnering with Maristan to provide free therapy to Muslim Stanford students. Learn more about Maristan.

Who has access to my information? Will anyone at the Markaz or Stanford know if I sign up for the therapy sessions?

No, sign-up information & the contents of your therapy sessions are confidential and private. Markaz Directors, student-staff, or any Stanford staff (e.g. CAPS, Dean of Students Office, etc.) do not have access to this information. This information is only available to Maristan therapists & administrators.

Is it possible to sign up for recurring appointments?

No, appointments are available to sign-up a month in advance. Recurring appointments are not an option.

Can I sign up for a session even if I feel fine?

Yes, of course! In fact, we encourage it. It is important to have mental health check-ins even when you feel fine. Think of it like a physical exam check-up, we still have them even when we are in a healthy state.

Are therapy sessions virtual or in-person?

At this time, students can only sign-up for virtual therapy appointments.

How many sessions can I sign up for?

As many as you would like, although sessions fill up quickly so be sure to book in advance. You can book up to 2 months in advance.

How long will I be in therapy for?

A single session lasts around 50 minutes, but if you would like more time with your therapist, you can book more sessions for the future.

What if I don’t click with therapists immediately?

The relationship between client and therapist sometimes takes time to build so you may not immediately click with your therapist. After a few sessions, you can also try out another therapist.

Can I schedule a session with a different therapist?

Absolutely! Br. Hamed Fatahian and Dr. Zahra Murtaza are open to the entire community and you can choose either therapist each time you schedule an appointment. We do, however, recommend trying a few sessions with one therapist before switching to a different one if you are looking for a better fit.

When should I cancel my session if I know I cannot make it?

You can cancel your session at any time but we kindly request that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your session to allow for other students to book that slot.

Can Stanford employees, post-docs, staff/faculty members, other affiliates, alums, or family members/friends sign up for therapy sessions?

Unfortunately, at this time, these sessions are only available for currently enrolled Stanford students. If you are a Stanford affiliate and want access to MMHI resources, provide your feedback.

Can students currently on a leave of absence sign up for therapy sessions?

Unfortunately, at this time, these sessions are only available for currently enrolled Stanford graduate and undergraduate students. If you are on a leave and want to access to MMHI services, provide your feedback. 

Can Stanford students bring a friend, partner, or spouse for joint therapy/couples therapy?

Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer therapy sessions for individuals.

How should I  prepare for therapy sessions?

It is vital that you show up to your therapy session early so you can take advantage of the full 50 minute session and maximize your mental health benefit. Make sure to have your Stanford ID card ready to show your therapist, verifying that you are a currently enrolled Stanford student. Ensure that you are in a comfortable and secure place where you can speak freely & keep some water nearby.